We’ll Get You Through Term 2

Creative Learning Lives Here

The end of term is almost here. You’re so close to being able to take a well-deserved break! But before you do, we thought that some fun, creative and educational projects may be just the thing to keep the energy up in your classroom as we race towards the end of term.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked some excellent ARTS:LIVE resources that will have your students engaged and inspired. They are just a small sample of the creative learning activities you can easily access on ARTS:LIVE when you have a free afternoon.

Creative Learning Lives Here | Sustainable Music

Sustainable Songs

5 × 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 12

We’ve all played with our food, but when was the last time you actually played your food? This resource takes kids through the process of making and play fruit and veggie instruments and then recycling the scraps into a musical soup!


Creative Learning Lives Here | From Page to Stage

From Page to Stage

Music6 x 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 12

This resource uses drama to extend student’s reading comprehension and language development and further engages them with literature. It also contains tips and tricks for taking everyday objects and transforming them into props, as well as guidance on acting, narration and even creating soundscapes.


Creative Learning Lives Here | Making a Mask

Making a Mask

6 x 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 12

Get crafty with our papier-mâché mask making resource! Making a mask is a fantastic way to explore the history and use of different masks in different cultures from around the world. Not only will kids love getting the hands on approach to making their mask, they’ll also enjoy wearing the finished product too!


Of course, this is just a snapshot of the hundreds of hours of courses on ARTS:LIVE. Sign in and start building creativity into your Term 1 curriculum today.

Creative kids are brighter kids – they do better at school and enjoy school life more. Being creative gives children opportunities to be imaginative, work together, and learn. ARTS:LIVE provides all the resources children need to get them going on this journey.