ARTS:LIVE, Sydney Opera House and Erth Present Designosaurs!

Puppetry Teacher Resource

What child doesn’t love Dinosaurs? With ARTS:LIVE’s latest resource, made in partnership with Erth and the Sydney Opera House, you can now take your students on a prehistoric puppetry adventure!

Designosaurs uses incredible puppetry designs to inspire your students to make links between dinosaurs and today’s threatened species as they develop their understanding of puppet making and puppeteering.

Led by Erth’s world renowned puppeteers, the Designosaurs course contains three captivating videos that provide students with a step by step guide through the process of researching, designing and constructing their own puppet. There’s even tips and tricks on how to put on a creative, puppeteering performance using their endangered animal creations!

ERTH is recognised globally as an innovator of physical and visual theatre, combining a truly fantastic aesthetic with performance. Using large-scale puppets, stilts, inflatables and aerial techniques they have created productions for the Melbourne Zoo, the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and art festivals around the world.

Puppetry Course on ARTS:LIVE

Your students will love exploring and experimenting with design and performance with this resource that will also stimulate their imaginations about broader concepts like sustainability and conservation. There is also great cross curricular links to literacy learning through the planning, drafting and publishing of their performance!

With five easy to follow lesson plans and two class activity sheets, you don’t need specialist skills to get started with puppetry.

Designosaurs is sure to spark critical and creative thinking in your students while building their confidence through collaboration and group work!

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Puppetry Teacher Resource