Digital Tools for Connection, Creation and Fun for Term 4

Create a spark to kick-start Term 4!

On ARTS:LIVE there are loads of activities to help your students feel connected, enthusiastic and ready for great learning this term. If you’re looking for ways to bring the class together, we have support material like videos, lessons and tasks that are tactile, collaborative, and encourage students to get messy.

Students who have been working in isolation may be reluctant to take risks, but working in the Arts encourages them to explore, experiment and express themselves. It’s a great way to build confidence and rebuild trust in the classroom.

Creating opportunities to work together and have fun learning has never been more important.

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Here are some ideas to get your started:



Fizzie Dance    

Dance 5 × 45 minute lessons       Year 3 -4

Students will enhance and extend their literacy skills as they go through the process of writing a story, breaking it down into simple pictures to create a storyboard. They may analyse how professional film-makers use storyboard films and share and analyse each other’s work. 

Each step of the process offers the opportunity to plan, draft and produce imaginative ideas. Oral or written presentations may help students to articulate their concept and analyse the best shot type to capture their vision. Students begin to understand film making terminology and develop their ability to use language dynamically and flexibly. 




Visual Arts


Visual Arts 2 × 45 minute lessons       Foundation – Year 2

Students can express their ideas and feelings, and learn about their class mates through sculpture. It’s an opportunity to work on something 3D (not on the screen) and it can be worked on at home or in the class room. Students connect by telling their story and by listening to each other.



Drama and Visual Arts



DramaVisual Arts Literacy5 × 45 minute lessons       Years 3 – 6

Explore and experiment with design and performance in this prehistoric puppet adventure.  Stimulate students’ imagination while building their confidence through collaboration and group work.  Made in partnership with Erth and the Sydney Opera House.




Making Junk Percussion  

MusicVisual Arts At Home 3 × 45 minute lessons       Year 5 – 8

Get loud in our Junk Percussion series. Use readily available, found and recycled objects to create instruments in Making Junk Percussion. Then explore the many lessons to learn original sounds using percussion techniques. In this collection students will learn to make and play the Bass Drum, Bells, the Shaker or a Snare Drum.