Remote Learning Packs designed to support remote teaching

Remote Learning Packs have been designed to support teachers who are teaching remotely during Term 2.

Over a hundred activities will be available across music, drama, visual arts and dance that have strong links to literacy, numeracy, physical activity and well-being so that teachers are easily able to include them in their lesson planning.

Activities are designed to require minimal teacher/caregiver assistance where possible and are mapped across Foundation to Grade 2, Grade 3 & 4, and Grade 5 & 6.

Teachers will find:

  • PDF activities that they are easily able to distribute to their students electronically
  • PDFs are printable for the cases where students have limited access to internet and technology
  • Have strong literacy and numeracy linkages for ease in incorporating in learning schedule
  • Activities have screen-based and non-screen-based components to ensure that students are active and healthy; and
  • Allows teachers to continue incorporating arts learning into their remote teaching models, resulting in better student engagement and well-being.

Inspire your students with fun, hands-on activities that encourage exploration and creativity. Activities are informed by each state’s remote learning framework.

This ambitious work has been made possible with funds from The Ian Potter Foundation.

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Sample worksheets are available here: