Teaching Resources to Start a Challenging Year Available on ARTS:LIVE

Tools to Help Build Understanding and Resilience

It’s been a tough start to the year, with support and sympathy expressed for those affected by the Australian bushfires from across the world. As a nation we all feel the impact on our communities and look for ways to help those devastated by the crisis.

For many young people, making sense of this Summer’s events is an overwhelming experience. It is a challenge teachers will be facing at the start this new school year.

The Arts has always been considered safe place for the exploration of ideas. It offers space and opportunity to express emotions.

In this environment Arts Learning is more important than ever. It can help children talk about what’s impacting them, help them process issues, and helps them re-imagine the world around them in a way that allows them to build resilience. Participating in the arts can be really helpful in sharing grief and sadness, and also in finding moments of joy and happiness.

As students head back to school this year, you may be looking for tools to assist their exploration of current events.

We have compiled three ARTS:LIVE resources to help structure discussions and ease students into the new school year.

Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience

Encourage children to build their resilience, develop literacy skills and foster respect through our new ARTS:LIVE resource, Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience.

Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience is a collection of songs and stop-motion animation videos centred around wellbeing. All videos are supported by backing tracks, lyrics and chord sheets, giving teachers the ability to support or extend additional learning as required.

This new resource is built around a series of well-being themed songs and stop motion animation videos designed to foster respect, resilience and literacy skills. Students will love learning how to create their own songs with techniques used to increase their vocabulary, gain musical confidence and explore socio-emotional themes.

They will also have the opportunity to explore lyrics, themes and musical patterns in each resource to ignite their interest in creating their own original songs.

Early Years – Transition Songs


A child’s first year at school is crucial as it shapes student’s experience of school life. Supporting children emotionally and socially during this time is critical.

Songs have been used to educate, soothe and organise students for longer than the written word! This resource presents a series of fourteen short useful songs that can be integrated regularly to create a calm, unified and orderly classroom.