Improve Reading and Maths through The Arts!

Improve literacy and numeracy through the arts

Can you believe it’s Semester 2 already!

While you’re steadily flying through the school year, we wanted to highlight the importance of incorporating music and arts into your teaching practice to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes.

A recent study has shown that 1 in 5 Australian students are not at the required reading level and 3 in 10 do not meet minimum maths standards. None of this is news to Teachers, of course.

However, did you know that independent research has confirmed students falling behind their peers made huge academic gains when they participated in regular Arts Learning over a 12 month period?

Participation also dramatically helped to build student confidence, motivating them to come to school every day, and helping them to achieve better results in subjects like English and Maths.

ARTS:LIVE has some incredible resources with links to other curriculum areas that your students will love! Take a look at the two below to get started.

You don’t need to be an Arts Learning expert, our digital platform developed by educators, provides everything you need to bring creative learning to life in your school.

Fairy Tale Dance

Fairy Tale Dance, Queensland Ballet and ARTS:LIVE

4 × 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 12

This course introduces students to Queensland Ballet’s Little Red Riding Hood performance and allows them to consider how fairy tales can be adapted.

In the lessons, students explore the different ways a piece of literature can be brought to life and can then use what they’ve learnt to develop their own stage show.


Sustainable Songs

Sustainable Songs, The a2 Milk Company and ARTS:LIVE

5 × 45 minute lessons  Age 5-12

We’ve all played with our food, but when was the last time you played your food?

Create instruments from everyday fruit and vegetables and teach your students simple maths using beat counting and musical notation. As an extension activity, get them measuring ingredients for the delicious and healthy recipes provided in the resource.

Creative kids are brighter kids – improve literacy and numeracy outcomes through the arts!

Being creative gives children opportunities to be imaginative, work together, and learn. ARTS:LIVE provides all the resources children need to get them going on this journey!

If you’d like to inquire about a bulk subscription for the teaching faculty at your school, please email us. Discounts apply!