Classroom Resources for Term 2

Creative Learning Lives Here ARTS:LIVE

Term 2 is upon us and ARTS:LIVE has got just what you need to inspire your students as they explore, learn and apply creative skills in the classroom.

You don’t need to be an arts learning expert, our digital platform developed by educators, provides everything you need to bring creative learning to life in your school. ARTS:LIVEcourses range from one-off lessons to a full terms’ worth of rich, sequential learning. Each course contains instructional videos, lesson plans and classroom activities.

Whether you’re interested in music, dance, drama, visual or media arts, ARTS:LIVE  has an activity for you. Below is just a snapshot of the courses on offer. Best of all, each one of these is adaptable for different year levels and can be integrated into other curriculum areas like literacy and numeracy.

Take a look and in no time you’ll be well on your way to taking creativity to the next level in your classroom.


How to Play Ukulele

How to Play Ukulele ARTS:LIVE

15 × 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 12

Ukuleles are easy to learn, cheap to buy and fun to play!

Designed for beginners, this course includes an introduction to tuning techniques, chords and different picking patterns. Once you’ve mastered those, there’s two follow up courses to develop your student’s skills.



The Tree and The Key

The Tree and the Key ARTS:LIVE

7 × 45 minute lessons  Age 0-5, 6-7

This early literacy resource uses a magical story map and lovely songs to navigate through a series of enchanting lessons and creative activities.

This is a great resource for early years students and adaptable up to Year 2. Children will love the animated music clips and magical story map!



Introduction to Hip Hop

An Introduction to Hip Hop ARTS:LIVE

5 × 45 minute lessons  Age 12-16

An Introduction to Hip Hop provides the basis to start learning this contemporary dance genre!

In this course, students will learn a range of movement skills and dance techniques while also exploring the history of Hip Hop. There is also a follow on course where you can develop your own Hip Hop routine.


Hive Mind


9 × 45 minute lessons  Age 5 – 16

One of our most touching resources, watch as a close community of people are brought together to create an interactive art installation.

Hive Mind blurs the line between artist and audience and helps listeners connect with other people and hear their stories, thoughts and hopes for the future.



Creative kids are brighter kids – their confidence increases and they engage in more opportunities at school!

Being creative gives children opportunities to be imaginative, work together, and learn. ARTS:LIVE provides all the resources children need to get them going on this journey!