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World Creativity and Innovation Day

If you’re struggling to fill a few gaps in your Semester resource plan, then make sure you subscribe to ARTS:LIVE!

You’ll find extensive lesson plans and interactive learning materials that will save you HOURS of planning time. Best of all, these creative resources are curriculum aligned and have links to a wide range of subject areas from mathematics to literacy and enquiry.

The arts is great for supporting literacy learning. From Early Years through to Year 10, ARTS:LIVE has a whole host of courses that can be used in the classroom to hone students literacy skills through creativity.  Here’s just a sample of the resources available below.

Poetry and Drama

Poetry and Drama

10 × 45 minute lessons  Yrs 5-6

Lift a poem off the pages and bring it to life with movement to create a meaningful and dramatic short play. Poetry and Drama brings excitement to the world of literature, improving your understanding of the English language beyond the written word.

Dance and Literacy on ARTS:LIVE

Learn The Alphabet Dance

At HomeDance 3 × 45 minute lessons   Yrs 3-4, 5-8

Move your body to the alphabet! The Alphabet Dance requires you to create a series of movements that represents each letter of the alphabet. This fun dance activity for groups can be performed in any style of dance and encourages self-expression.

Write Way to the Top Henry Wagons

Write Way to the Top

Music8 x 45 minute lessons  Yrs 7-8

Learn the process of song-writing, from idea, to finished product. Go on an inspirational journey with contemporary creative collaborators, Helen Croome (aka Gossling) and Henry Wagons. Gain their perspectives on where to find inspiration, how to give meaning to your songs and learn techniques on how to finish a song.

A New World Order with Hayden Fowler

A New World Order

8 x 45 minute lessons  Yrs 7-8

Engage your students in a conversation about the problems facing humanity. A New World Order seeks to encourage expression and reflection of one’s own relationship to the natural world. A clash of themes such as humanity, the future and our relationship to nature, drives eight fascinating lessons in this course.

You don’t need to be an expert in the arts, all the resources have been developed in collaboration with professional artists, arts organisations and educational experts. You’ll gain specialist insights into the creative process, and instruction and guidance through the activities and lessons.

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